Suomen Tuntu, Helena Korpela’s most recent exhibition evokes memories unique to Northern climes. Memories of the short days and darkness of winter include Suomen Tuntu (Feel of Finland), Kotimatka (The Way Home), and Kaukalo (The Rink). To an observer outside the Scandic countries these three paintings may appear as abstract works. In fact these paintings have evoked memories in Finnish observers of the appearance of an ice rink seen in the distance, a nighttime landscape of lights beckoning from a house in the distance, and in Suomen Tuntu, memories evoked by  the complex colours rendered by the sun’s ascent and descent over the seasons.

Six of the pieces in this exhibition are collages constructed from objects found in an old farmhouse where Korpela  works during the summer months. Tuomipäivän Kello  (Doomsday Clock) and Rauhan Sirpit (Blades of Peace) address the troubled time that we live in. Doomsday Clock challenges the user to reflect on the part that we as individuals play in the global climate emergency – a small circular mirror is fixed below a rake that marks hours and minutes ticking, to the end of our time. Blades of Peace incorporates the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and scythe blades.

Notwithstanding the sobering effect of these aforementioned works, there is humour and whimsy to be found in Tapio Ilmarinen, Ansa (Trap), and Komero  (Closet). Tapio Ilmarinen is an amusing anthropomorphic construction of old lock hardware. Ansa is an iconic representation of a wire fishing trap. Komero is a nostalgic remembrance of handmade hangers. 

Selected Shows

    • Raaheenkaungin Kirjasto – 2024
    • Taidemaalariliiton Teosvälitys – 2023
    • Praati, Raahe – 2022
    • VUE Dublin – 2018, 2019
    • Royal Hibernian Annual – 2003, 2018
    • National Heritage Week – 2007
    • Boyle Arts Festival – 2003
    • Millcove Gallery – 2002 – 2005


    • DeVeres Collection, Dublin
    • Office of Public Works, Ireland
    • Four Seasons, Dublin
    • Doonbeg Golf Course, Co. Clare
    • Peck Collection, Boston
    • Mass College of Art, Boston
    • Millcove Gallery, Kenmare
    • Private collections:
    • North America
    • Australia
    • UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland

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